Johnnies Walker Song Of Fire

Scotland, United Kingdom, 700ml
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  • Johnnie Walker Song of Fire is one of the two innovative whiskies inspired by the great Houses who face off the final series of Game of Thrones - House Stark and House Targaryen
  • This blend has a rich, spicy taste inspired by the fire that courses through the veins of House Targaryen and their dragons who breathe ferocious flames
  • The bottle design evokes a fiery setting with the deep-red colours inspired by the dragons of House Targaryen, it is best enjoyed as a highball combined with chilled ginger beer
  • The collector's edition Johnnie Walker Song of Ice and Song of Fire whiskies are the perfect collectible for Game of Thrones and whisky fans alike
Song of Fire by Johnnie Walker - Blended Scotch Whisky: Song of Fire is a limited edition whisky inspired by HBO's Game of Thrones series. Fire consumes everything it touches. It melts steel to hone the sharpest, deadliest blade. Fire courses through the veins of House Targaryen and is made flesh in the form of its dragons. With fire in their blood the Targaryen dragons breathe ferocious flames. Like a scorching blaze, they roar their verse of A Song of Fire. ohnnie Walker is calling on Game of Thrones fans to declare their allegiance, Stark or Targaryen, Dire wolf or Dragon. Whether it's fire you desire or you have ice in your veins, Johnnie Walker has a Game of Thrones whisky for you.


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