King’s Wine Cellar 網店限定消費券優惠


各位酒友留意啦!有兩個好消息要宣佈,第一個好消息當然係等到頸都長嘅消費券終於到手💵,第二個好消息係King’s Wine Cellar 網店由即日起至8月31號,凡選購任何酒類產品(**包括正價及特價產品🍾**)滿$2000,即可享全單減免$100優惠。除左使用消費券之外,客人使用其他款付方式都可以享用以上優惠✅,立刻上黎King’s Wine Cellar嘅網站揀選你心水靚酒啦🍷!

From 8th Aug to 31st Aug, customer who spends over $2000 on any wine product (including products with original price and special price), will get $100 discount off by using any payment method. This discount will be only applied in the online shop of King's Wine Cellar.

King's Wine Cellar 網店支援以下付款方式:
King's Wine Cellar Online Shop supports the payment methods below

 Tap & Go 

付款方法詳情如下: / payment details: 

  • 先於購物單結算時選"信用卡付款" / Select pay by Credit Card when check out 
  • 保留 Tap & Go 付款證明;如: 螢幕截圖 / Keep the Tap & Go payment receipt, eg: Cap Screen 
  • What app: +852 6466 4109 (確認 / to confirm order 

 We Chat pay / Alipay

付款方法詳情如下: / payment details: 

  • 先於購物單結算時選"Pay by QR Code - We Chat pay / Alipay" 然後進入此版面 / Select pay by "QR code payment"  when check out 
  • 再掃瞄以下QR Code / Scan the below corresponding payment QR code 
  • 輸入總額 / Entry the Total amount 
  • 確認付款後,保留付款證明;如: 螢幕截圖 / After payment completed, keep the payment receipt, eg: Cap Screen 
  • 成功付款後,將於一個工作天後將收到"確認訂單"電郵通知 / The "confirmation email " will send after confirm the payment 


    Terms and Conditions: 

    • This discount will be only appiled in the online shop of King's Wine Cellar
    • Free delivery for minimum purchase over $1,200 to one location within Hong Kong urban area.
    • King’s Wine Cellar reserves the rights for any disagreement raised by this promotion.
    • Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.