Barbieri 'Aperol' Aperitivo Liqueur

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Barbieri 'Aperol' Aperitivo Liqueur

Veneto, Italy, 700ml
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Barbieri 'Aperol' Aperitivo Liqueur (700 ml) 阿佩羅開胃酒
  • Alcohol %: 11%
  • Taste: bitter, sweet, herbal, citrus, orange
  • Food Matching: light appetizers, seafood dishes, orange slices, olives
  • Grape Variety: Unknown ,


Tasting note

Barbieri 'Aperol' 開胃酒是一款來自意大利風景如畫的Veneto地區的活潑清新開胃酒。這款酒的酒精度為11%,非常適合作為晚上的第一杯酒。它呈現出苦與甜的和諧混合,橙紅色的酒液既吸引人又賞心悅目。草本和柑橘的香氣在口中交織,使其成為輕食和海鮮佳餚的絕佳伴侶。搭配橙片或幾顆橄欖服用,可進一步提升其複雜的風味。

The Barbieri 'Aperol' Aperitivo Liqueur is a vibrant and refreshing aperitif hailing from the picturesque Veneto region of Italy. With its moderate 11% ABV, this liqueur is perfect for starting your evening. It presents a harmonious blend of bitter and sweet, with a distinctive orange hue that is both inviting and visually appealing. The herbal and citrus notes dance on the palate, making it an excellent companion to light appetizers and seafood dishes. Serve it with a slice of orange or a few olives to enhance its complex flavors.

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