Absolut Vodka (1000 ml)

Absolut Vodka (1000 ml)

Absolut Vodka (1000 ml)

Sweden, Sweden, 1000ml
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Absolut Vodka (1 L) Absolut Vodka
  • Alcohol %: 40 - 43%
  • Taste: Neutral, Faint Earthiness, Chalk, White Pepper, Lemon Peel
  • Food Matching: Smoked Salmon, Caviar, Cheese Plate, Sushi
  • Grape Variety: Winter Wheat : 100%,


Tasting note

Absolut Vodka,這款瑞典製造的純淨伏特加,由最優質的冬小麥蒸餾而成,並與當地純淨水混合。這款伏特加呈現出乾淨而中性的風味,帶有微妙的泥土香氣以及粉筆、白胡椒和檸檬皮的暗示,是各種雞尾酒的絕佳基底。其標誌性的瓶身設計,回應了18世紀藥瓶,自1979年紐約推出以來,就凝聚了品牌的創新精神和對品質的承諾。

Absolut Vodka, a spirit synonymous with the purity of Swedish craftsmanship, is distilled from the finest winter wheat and blended with pristine local water. This vodka presents a clean and neutral profile with a subtle earthiness and hints of chalk, white pepper, and lemon peel, making it an excellent base for a wide array of cocktails. Its iconic bottle design, a nod to 18th Century medicine flasks, encapsulates the brand's innovative spirit and commitment to quality since its New York launch in 1979.

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