2017 Mayne Valentin

2017 Mayne Valentin

2017 Mayne Valentin

Blaye, Bordeaux, France, 750ml
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Mayne Valentin Blanc 2017 (750 ml) 情人
  • Decant Time: 1 hour
  • Taste: Savory, Classic
  • Food Matching: Red meat, Cheese, Poultry
  • Grape Variety: [Not Provided] ,


Tasting note

2017年的Dominique Raimond Mayne Valentin Grande Reserve是法國波爾多Blaye地區的經典代表。這款酒質地醇厚,口味傳統,酒體中等,酸度和單寧均衡。建議在享用前提前一小時醒酒,以充分欣賞其複雜的風味。這款酒與紅肉、奶酪和家禽搭配得很好,使其成為各種餐點的多功能選擇。儘管風味深厚,但這款酒對於新手和有經驗的葡萄酒飲用者來說都易於接近和享用。

The 2017 Dominique Raimond Mayne Valentin Grande Reserve is a classic representation of the Blaye region in Bordeaux, France. This wine is savory and traditional, with a medium body and balanced acidity and tannins. It is recommended to decant this wine for an hour before serving to fully appreciate its complex flavors. This wine pairs well with red meats, cheese, and poultry, making it a versatile choice for a variety of meals. Despite its depth of flavor, this wine remains approachable and enjoyable for both novice and experienced wine drinkers.

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