2018 Les Perrieres de Lafleur

2018 Les Perrieres de Lafleur

2018 Les Perrieres de Lafleur

Bordeaux superieur, Bordeaux, France, 750ml
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  • Alcohol %: 15%
  • Decant Time: 60 minutes
  • Taste: red berry, herbs, underbrush, spice, tobacco leaf, kirsch, salty touch
  • Food Matching: Grilled lamb chops, Roasted duck breast, Mushroom risotto, Aged hard cheeses
  • Grape Variety: Merlot : 50%, Bouchet (Cabernet Franc) : 50%,


Tasting note

2018年的里埃拉菲爾「Les Perrieres」展現了波爾多超級區葡萄酒的精緻與複雜性。這款酒擁有15%的酒精度,呈現出既鹹香又經典的平衡風味。香氣中有著活潑的紅莓香,交織著草本植物的氣息,還有一絲野地的氣息和一點點的香料。煙草葉和櫻桃酒增添了香氣的深度,而帶有獨特鹹味的活潑尾韻則與甜美的水果風味相得益彰。這款中等酒體的葡萄酒,以其明亮和新鮮的特質,非常適合喜歡能優雅陳年的葡萄酒的鑑賞家。建議醒酒一小時,讓葡萄酒充分展現其錯綜複雜的風味。搭配烤羊排或烤鴨胸,將為您帶來卓越的用餐體驗。

The 2018 Chateau Lafleur 'Les Perrieres' is a testament to the finesse and complexity that Bordeaux Superieur can offer. With an alcohol content of 15%, this wine presents a harmonious balance of savory and classic flavors. The bouquet is a vibrant tapestry of red berries, interwoven with herbal notes, a hint of underbrush, and a dash of spice. Tobacco leaf and kirsch add depth to the aroma, while a zesty finish with a unique salty touch complements the sweet fruit. This medium-bodied wine, with its bright and fresh character, is perfect for those who appreciate a wine that can age gracefully. Decanting for an hour is recommended to allow the wine to fully express its intricate profile. Pair it with grilled lamb chops or roasted duck breast for a sublime dining experience.

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