Saigon Baigur Premium Dry Gin

Saigon Baigur Premium Dry Gin

Saigon Baigur Premium Dry Gin

越南, 越南, 700ml
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This gin is a celebration of some of the best botanicals Vietnam has to offer, black cardamom from the dense jungles in the North, the rare Buddha’s Hand citrus grown in the capital of Hanoi, Saigon Cinnamon from the Annamite mountain ranges and Lotus flower from the Mekong Delta. Together with Macedonian Juniper and 9 other local botanicals these botanicals make a remarkable gin.

Inspired by the rugged terrains and incredible diversity of Vietnam and after 2 years of experimenting, the founders created an outspoken gin unlike any other: Saigon Baigur, world's only gin with fresh macerated Buddha's Hand, vapor infused Lotus flower and black cardamom.

The name Baigur was derived from the name of the first known settlement in this area, a small fish and spice trading outpost. The name Saigon Baigur pays homage to the more than 1000-year-old tradition of spice & botanical trading in the area.

Saigon Baigur takes its symbol from the dragon. Not only does this local mythological creature represent power and prosperity, it also brings rain and therefore the dragon is essential to agriculture and the botanicals used in our gin. In turn, the bottle has been inspired by the scales of this legendary creature.


GOLD - The Gin Masters 2021
  • Alcohol %: 43%
  • Taste: Black cardamom, Buddha's Hand citrus, Saigon Cinnamon, Lotus flower, Macedonian Juniper
  • Food Matching: Charcuterie, Spicy Asian dishes, Citrus-based desserts
  • Grape Variety: Juniper , Local Botanicals ,


Tasting note

Saigon Baigur 高級乾琴酒是一款融合了越南豐富植物遺產精髓的精緻烈酒。這款琴酒選用來自北部叢林的黑豆蔻、河內稀有的佛手柑、安南山脈的西貢肉桂以及湄公河三角洲的蓮花,帶來獨特的味覺體驗。蒸餾蓮花和新鮮浸泡的佛手柑,加上黑豆蔻,創造出既複雜又風味豐富的琴酒。瓶身設計靈感來自龍,這個神話生物在當地文化中象徵著力量與繁榮,同時對農業和琴酒中使用的植物生長至關重要。擁有43%的酒精度,Saigon Baigur 是一款濃郁香氣的琴酒,非常適合純飲或作為各種雞尾酒的基酒。

Saigon Baigur Premium Dry Gin is an exquisite spirit that embodies the essence of Vietnam's rich botanical heritage. Crafted with black cardamom from the northern jungles, rare Buddha's Hand citrus from Hanoi, Saigon Cinnamon from the Annamite mountains, and Lotus flower from the Mekong Delta, this gin offers a unique taste experience. The vapor infusion of Lotus flower and fresh maceration of Buddha's Hand, along with black cardamom, create a gin that is as complex as it is flavorful. The dragon-inspired bottle design reflects the power and prosperity that this mythological creature symbolizes in local culture, as well as its importance to agriculture and the growth of the botanicals used in this gin. With a 43% ABV, Saigon Baigur is a bold and aromatic gin that is perfect for sipping neat or as the base for a variety of cocktails.

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